What we do?

" freshly-made cook-to-order meals " This is a clear sign that we are committed to continually improving our Quality and Food Safety Management Systems through the latest technology and Labs in order to meet and exceed the needs of our loyal customers at all times
Hungry Bunny Meat Processing Factory owned ISO certificate from Intertek , SASO certificate and register as ready to export products at FDA
In 2005, the decision was taken to actively pursue the Franchise process being the logical path to successful expansion, offering to you the best revenue in fast food investment.
we deliver and offer this services & products as it is, as easy as say from A to Z :
18 Deferent products in 4 categories, Whole Muscle, Formed Chicken, Formed Beef & Bone IN , from farm materials to the end ready products between your hands, thorough Carefully inspect and sterilization in all phases of automatic manufacturing.
4 different modules of Hungry Bunny Quick Service Restaurant to meet and exceed all your needs as a franchisor.
6 delicacies Products from Hungry Bunny its well known which is permanently request, Veggie , Tribian, Healthy Greenish Tastylicious, Pepper Steak, Jalabu, Cheesy Cheese
Sweets and french fries and onion rings lovely side products
3 add value services: Home Delivery Service, Hungry Bunn Birthday Party, Drive-thru Service
1200 Square meter dry store, 3500 Square meter Isolated and sterilized area to get the same juicy taste that you never taste it before
we are ready to give you our over 25 year of experience in a book, training your employee, training your management team, to get best revenue.
we deliver the latest technology in manufacturing food industry, Be sure your product free of any germs and guaranteed because we care about your secret recipe as it is made in your owned factory.